Any student needing to arrange a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability should contact Disability Concerns at 350 Fell Hall, 438-5853 (voice), 438-8620 (TTY).

You are here because you want to be in this class. So am I. I embrace the English studies model of this department but also value how all aspects of your undergraduate education come together to form your learning and life experiences. Together we gladly learn and teach!

I have several expectations for you while in this class. You should:

  • come to every class,
  • make time to read everything assigned and to understand it (with my and the class’s help) and be able to discuss it in class,
  • voice related, relevant topics of interest to you,
  • complete your assignments on time and with creativity and care,
  • provide thoughtful discussion in and out of class,
  • be flexible and patient, especially when it comes to difference (of thought, of person) and to technology,
  • conduct yourself in professional ways,
  • treat me and your colleagues with respect, and
  • do excellent work, because there are too many average students out there trying to get jobs for you to bother with anything less than excellence.

I value

  • thought-out (or at least informed) questions rather than off-the-cuff opinions, although you will have a place to do both in this class,
  • your bringing connections to light between classroom discussions and your prior class and work experiences,
  • risk and creativity and multidisciplinarity and self-learning and helpfulness, and
  • aha moments, which can turn into great discussions, projects, or (later) honors theses, internships, memorable moments, projects external to your classes, or even jobs.

Overall, I expect you to push yourselves to learn, a process which can take many forms.

From me, you should expect:

  • an interest in your academic work in this class and its connections to other classes you are taking;
  • an enthusiasm for teaching about digital publishing, which includes theory, practice, history, technological literacies, multiple ways of knowing, and having fun;
  • a personalized approach to teaching;
  • an ability to go with the flow and to create learning scenarios that may sometimes seem quirky; and
  • a desire to help you connect with digital publishing in a way that suits you. (Know that I try to read minds, but may occasionally I will need some clues from you!)

From each other, we expect:

  • to stay connected to the world around us and especially to the course materials
  • to be accountable to our groupmates
  • to have (some) guidance through technological processes
  • to learn transferable skills
  • to be taught and to teach to all levels and strengths of students
  • to be engaged, to share, and to listen
  • to learn the theoretical foundations for digital publishing
  • to attend to collaboration, not just coordination, within groupwork
  • to learn as much as possible and to not dumb things down
  • to avoid unnecessary assignments, and to make clear why we have the assigned tasks we do
  • to have mutual respect between teacher and students, to not judge, and to value risk
  • to keep the communication stream open no matter what the individual or project-based circumstances
  • to adapt to new situations
  • to be as organized as possible.

What others would you add to this list? Leave a comment…

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