Metadata Project

For the rest of the semester, I will assign the following set of metadata terms for you to complete in your spreadsheet. The topic listed next to each week will be assigned during class that week and is to be completed and uploaded to the student server no later than 2pm the following Wednesday.

Week 1 [Feb 9]    Fields requiring Little Instruction
Week 2 [Feb 16]    Fields requiring Simple Lists (not MimeTypes) + DOI
Week 3 [Feb 23]    Rights + Affiliation, Rank, Email
Week 4 [March 2]    Abstract, Keywords + Notes [spring break]
Week 5 [March 16]    MediaID + FileName, FileSize, MimeType, DCMI Type, URI
Week 6 [March 23]    Page Title, Alt Text, Creator + [Webtext] DCMI Type, File Size, URI
Week 7 [March 30]    Genre [Webtext & Media tabs], Creator
Week 8 [April 6]    no class [CCCC]: update Rights & Affiliations fields

Stuff I’ll do this summer [internship??]: Rights, Keywords, MediaID, Alt Txt fixes, Affiliation fixes, …


Genre Resources


Original instruction links:

  • Fields requiring Little Instruction
  • Fields requiring Simple Lists + DOI
  • Affiliation, Rank, Email
  • Abstracts
  • FileName, FileSize, MimeType, DCMI Type, URI (offline only)
  • Page Title, Alt Text, etc.
  • Genre & Creator (see also List of Genres under Resources, above)


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